What is EP?

EP is now the leading communicator on business thinking and opinion in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry, providing a central reference point for discussion and debate on the key issues of the day.

EP publishes three magazines: Entrepreneurs and Innovation and Food Service Action and Perspective – The Independent Hotel Magazine.

EP organises a number of industry events including the Entrepreneurs Club, Entrepreneurs Pitch (a Dragons-Den type investment event), Chairman’s Think Tank and Emerging Leaders. The Entrepreneurs Club is an ongoing interaction between innovators, investors and companies and the community works as one to help growth and all to develop.

The Emerging Leaders Network is for those developing to board level. Through informal learning and events it provides those wishing to meet key leaders the opportunity to learn from them in a relaxed environment. The Global Hospitality Network connects professionals across the world for both learning and knowledge share. EP offers a range of services including consultancy, professional advice, entrepreneur development and professional communication services, and also supports a diverse group of business partners to create opportunities in the hospitality industry for development.There are three main ways to advertise to the key decision makers across all sectors of the hospitality, leisure and travel and tourism industry.

  • Big Data – Not Just For Big Business
      Robert McCann, senior partner of Ecovis Wingrave Yeats, explores Big Data. This brave, if not exactly new, world is not just for big business, it’s the future for all business, so don’t get left behind   Once the preserve...
  • A Night To Remember
      EP held its first Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner in the City at One Moorgate Place on 3rd October, in an evening to celebrate the importance of original ideas and thinking within hospitality With a Roaring 1920s theme, the night included dancers,...
  • From Classroom To Boardroom
    In January 2017, EP is delighted to publish a book entitled From Classroom to Boardroom, which brings together the ideas and insights from the best emerging talent in the hospitality industry The ideal book for those who want to fuel...

  • Breakfast Briefing
    According to the International Passenger Survey published by the Office of National Statistics, a record number of overseas visitors - 35.8 million - arrived in the UK last year. This was 4% more than in 2014....

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