• The need to develop leaders of tomorrow
    The aim: to change people’s thinking around leadership. Through real inputs and discussion, we are developing an agenda for the industry and beyond....
  • EP Reinvention
    Founding Principles: Strong cultures = increased productivity and innovation = increased profit. People are important and the key differential to any business. However good AI is, people still buy people. It is important for new leaders to emerge. The importance...
  • Hospitality can be the Social Force
    The hospitality industry can play a bigger and more central role in society - whether driving, motivating or bringing a group together, the industry can play the lead role for social action and social change....
  • Millennials are the leaders of tomorrow
    Millennials are struggling to find fun at work and are under pressure. Do the leaders of today need develop a leadership legacy?...

Hospitality Social Good Awards – Summer 2018
The hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK and includes many businesses which give back to the
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The Great Service Debate Series – 15th March 2018
Many today argue that a great service experience can outweigh the culinary experience. However do most restaurant reviews in the
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Crista Cullen MBE and Elephant Conservation Gala Dinner – May 2018
EP are delighted to host a Black Tie Gala Dinner in May 2018 to support the work of Crista Cullen
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Hospitality Debating Competition – 2018
It is time to change people’s thinking around leadership. The Hospitality industry has got itself into a rut and now
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