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EP is renowned for hospitality industry knowledge and expertise. EP Business in Hospitality magazine is a quarterly publication for senior leaders which covers all sectors including hotels, restaurants and foodservice. EP Networks & Events incorporates the Emerging Business Leaders in Hospitality Network, Chairmans’ Think Tank (in partnership with the BHA) and Entrepreneurs Forum. Services offered include professional advice, entrepreneur development, consultancy and communications.

  • No man, or business, is an island
    Tax advice should never stand alone or apart from the wider economic picture so I hope readers will forgive a little bit of crystal-ball gazing from me this month....
  • How has The Ritz raised the bar?
    At a time when technology changes in the blink of an eye and younger generations equate the newest to the best, The Ritz has stood the test of time and proved the value of tradition by maintaining its position as...

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  • Same company, different fortune

    McDonald’s Restaurants are experiencing both ends of the business success story at the moment. The combination of rising beef costs and fewer paying customers has adversely affected the profit margins at McDonald’s in America where two turbulent years of sales...
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  • Hotel Operating Agreements
    Last month’s Hotel Operating Agreements Conference delved into the issues surrounding the variety and complexity...

Wholesome Seduction

Finance & Legal

Scenario Planning Blog

  • Hospitality in 2023?
    Woody Wade explores how the travel landscape may change in the next ten years, and...

Weekend People Story

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Food Innovation Blog

  • The Changing Face of a Sector
    On the 25th of March, industry leaders in contract catering gathered together for a full day of presentations from their peers looking at the key issues...
  • A Time for Change?
    As the debate on professional development in the hospitality industry carries on this video, produced by The Hospitality Guild, is an interview with Suzy Jackson, executive director, sharing her views on the topic......
  • Time for Change?
    Driving the debate on professional development in the hospitalty industry......
  • MITIE Catering
    EP Feature Reels is the video content portal of EP magazine. In this latest instalment we bring you the story behind MITIE’s Catering Team. MITIE is a FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company with revenues in excess of £2 billion. In...