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Principles and conviction means more than strategy

Is culture more important than strategy? This may seem like a strange question to ask but it is one that is getting asked more and more. As leaders become less visible their actions are arguably defined more by corporate strategy rather than principle.

Programme for Hospitality Insights Conference – 14th November

EP is bringing together consultants, caterers and clients for a full-day of powerful insights and to engage in a meaningful debate. There is a great need to share knowledge in these times of change. It can benefit all in terms of new business, raising the bar for positive change and building meaningful relationships.

Hospitality Illustrated – Out 21st November

Over the last ten years EP has been privileged to photograph many great leaders and businesses in action. Now this decade of photography will be available in one hard-back book. Hospitality Illustrated is a photographic book with over 400 images that really tell the story of the last decade.

EP’s Light Relief

VisitBritain launches spy-inspired tourism campaign. Linked to new film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, VB are showcasing the exciting, secretive and adventurous side of Britain. “Britain is home to some of the world’s most-loved secret-agents and our stunning landscapes and iconic cityscapes provide a captivating backdrop for their thrill-seeking adventures and dashing lifestyles, from buying suits at Savile Row to hatching plots and supping whiskey in the Scottish Highlands.”