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Change frightens people who don’t dare.

The Great Contradiction
We are all having to change and learn new skills and yet so many fear change. How can we ease the journey?

It is the great contradiction of today as the majority of people are known not to like change and yet the modern era not just requires change but almost demands it.

Breakfast Briefing – The latest hospitality news

Quote of the Week
Why was Theresa May sacked as nativity manager? She couldn’t run a stable government.
Why don’t Southern Rail train guards share advent calendars? They want to open the doors themselves.
What’s the difference between Ryanair and Santa? Santa flies at least once a year.
Kim Jong-un will play Santa this year in the South’s annual pantomime. He said he fancied a Korea change.

The Change Agenda 2018

The Change Agenda 2018
There is a genuine desire and appetite for the industry to debate and create new solutions to confront and deal with issues that affect companies, of all sizes up and down the country.

The Hospitality Debating Competition 2018

Calling all Hospitality – hotels, restaurants, foodservice, clubs, entrepreneurs, suppliers and everyone in between – Enter your teams today

It is time to change people’s thinking around leadership. The Hospitality industry has got itself into a rut and now needs to open up and accept that change needs to happen.

EP has created a new Debating Competition to get the industry together.

Powerful and effective public speaking is as important today as ever before and moreover it builds fans and connections.

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