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Hospitality Social Good Awards – Summer 2018

The hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK and includes many businesses which give back to the community around them and society. However, is it fair to argue that this isn’t always recognised? Businesses from across the sector aim to give back, enrich communities and contribute to society. Those who lead them and those who work for them do make a difference because they tackle social and environmental problems. This activity doesn’t just recognise ‘social enterprise’ businesses but companies that are practicing good work and contributing to the community; whilst running a solid profitable business.

The Great Service Debate

Many today argue that a great service experience can outweigh the culinary experience. However do most restaurant reviews in the press focus on 95% cuisine and atmosphere with little about the service?

Hospitality Debating Competition – 2018

It is time to change people’s thinking around leadership. The Hospitality industry has got itself into a rut and now needs to open up and accept that change needs to happen.