The Hospitality Debating Society – 9th October

The Hospitality Debating Society

One can argue over the outcome of the General Election but most will agree that the Prime Minister failed to inspire through her speeches and public appearances whilst Corbyn did mobilise many, was visible and his speech making won over many from all parties.

Being able to talk effectively in public, to think on your feet and make winning arguments has been an important craft throughout history. There are many companies that say they are struggling to find good sales people and many that rely more heavily on their brands and their social media as a result. The truth is that powerful and effective public speaking is as important today as ever before and moreover it builds fans and connections as it can inspire confidence. It is a craft that should never be forgotten and just as importantly it can be great fun.

We are therefore delighted to announce the formation of the Hospitality Debating Society for those who are interested in developing opinions into structured arguments. The Hospitality Debating Society is an initiative part of the Leaders Class, a campaign that aims at changing people’s thinking around leadership.

Why take part?

  • Improves the ability to communicate more effectively
  • Grows confidence in public speaking
  • Educational tool for developing many skills – from engaging with opposing views to speaking strategically
  • It’s a grand old craft
  • Fun activity

Event Details:

Date: Monday 9th October
Time: From 6pm
Location: Central London Location

The Hospitality Debating Society is part of EP’s Leaders Class which is a paid for membership. For more information on this membership and individual event prices please contact