• Art in Hospitality
    Over recent years we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, especially towards fresh produce and nutrition, but there has also been a renaissance with art....
  • Reaching C-Suite – To illustrate the importance of food service
    A campaign to reach C-Suite – to illustrate the importance of food service in supporting culture, productivity, employee welfare and retention in the modern business environment....
  • Increasing productivity through strong support services
    There is a strong argument that, as we stand, we are harming both company performance and individual well-being, and more – business has accidently undermined the traditional social structures that are important to productivity as they are the foundation stones...
  • Culture, Retention and Sport
    Our belief is that this a genuine problem as strong culture creates trust between colleagues which in turn influences personal development, customer service levels and retention. Employees will go the extra mile in both service and in work for a...

Food Service Action Plan Meeting – 11th July 2018
Following earlier sessions this year there is a genuine opportunity for the Food Service Sector to create a strong message
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The Way Of The Gods, Bologna To Florence – 18th to 25th June 2018
Monday 18th to Monday 25th June 2018 This year EP has developed a series of walks to raise funds for
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Charity Walks – Italy, France, Austria
This year EP has developed a series of walks to raise funds for special charities and to broaden thinking. Many
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The Great Service Debate Series – 2018
Many today argue that a great service experience can outweigh the culinary experience. However do most restaurant reviews in the
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    • Music makes the people come together
      The power of art in all forms A famous lyric from the song ‘Music’ by Madonna but also a resounding truth. There is a chemical and emotion link between music and people. Our brains are wired to process and understand music...
    • The Breakfast Briefing
      The Breakfast Briefing The latest campaigns, activities, events and news. "Remainers to the left of her, Brexiteers to the right. There she is, stuck in the middle with EU."...
    • The Great Service Debate – Don’t Empower, Trust
      The Great Service Debate – Don’t Empower, Trust Part Four of Six Over the last six months, in partnership with Penshee, EP have been hosting a series of round tables with industry leaders to define What is Great Service and to reach...
    • Do people leave when trust is lost?
      Do people leave when trust is lost? by Kate Haywood (Olympian) In 2009 I suffered a major sporting injury which I believed materially changed a lot of things in my career. I tore the cartilage in my hip joint which resulted in...

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