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The Future of Tipping Survey Results

This year EP, together with WMT Chartered Accountants, are exploring the future of tipping in the UK with the aim of providing clarity on the views of the hospitality industry. Following a survey with over 200 senior players, it is clear that – whilst the amounts and forms of tipping and service charge are debatable – there is a desire for an accreditation scheme for those who follow best practice principles.

Never let language stand in the way

Jannes Soerensen was a Golden Key Concierge (Les Clefs d’Or), who started his career in his native Berlin before embarking on a journey which saw him work in Paris, without originally speaking French; Barcelona, without speaking the native language; New York and London. From riding an orange scooter around the streets of Paris to taking advice from his concierge mentors to becoming one of London’s youngest General Managers of a five-star property, it has been some journey, with many lessons learnt along the way.