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Food at the Heart of Culture Core Themes and Supporters

Fuelling Productivity Campaign

Food at the Heart of Culture

In 2018 EP launched a campaign to showcase why the foodservice sector should no longer be viewed as a commodity but that instead it plays a pivotal role in business and in daily life. Great food and service has a positive impact on...

EP is proud to support four fantastic charities

This year EP is delighted to support four important charities

Each charity focuses on supporting people. This is something that EP is very passionate about. Whether it’s those that need support in their development or those that come from challenging and difficult backgrounds, we want to support and make a difference.

From Henley to Israel. From Stadia to Theatreland

Julian Russell, Chief Executive of HQ Theatres & Hospitality is driving positive change in theatreland. Before his days of getting the show on the road he worked across the hospitality sector and was at the very beginning of the rise of Food & Beverage in sporting stadia.