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The Future of Retail Foodservice

With a combined value of £24.2bn and 217,286 outlets, the UK contract catering, retail, travel and leisure market is not only hugely fragmented, but also a complex environment.

Imagine achieving 300% business growth and being told you are not good enough

It was one of the Prime Minister’s main ambitions for the UK to become a genuine meritocracy as this would naturally solve society’s injustices. Meritocracy, by its very nature, is a natural leveller and encourages talent to have aspiration and hope which in turn encourages entrepreneurship, business and the economy. The logic is all good. The main problem is that we are not moving in the right direction.

A career foreseen

Today she is General Manager of Conrad London St. James but this should come as no surprise for Beverly Payne. She was destined to always work in the hospitality industry following two captivating moments in her childhood.