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Here’s to our thirtieth year…

EP spoke with Founder and Chairman of Russell Partnership Collection, Professor David Russell and Head of Innovations, Charlotte Harbour to learn all about the rebrand of the Collection.

Recent hotel deals and news – The Hotel Property Team

London sees a number of changes take place over the last few months; Queensgate purchases the large Grange Hotels for a tidy £1bn, The Arch is sold and set to become The Prince Akatoki and the Barclay brothers pick up The Beaumont. Elsewhere robots are on the scene at a future hotel in China. Explore these stories and more below.

To grasp the opportunity – The story of MPM

To continue with our recent features on both the growing importance of mobile catering operations at special events and stadia, the following is the story behind one of the leading exponents of such catering in the UK – operating from Scotland down to Southampton.