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Time To Think Talent: Outcomes of the Premium Commodity

EP brought together senior players from across the hospitality industry to discuss and debate whether we need to look at talent development through new eyes. The lively conversation included views and insights from a range of industries including the army, law and education.

Legacy and Future of a Great Castle

In the heart of whisky country and nestled in the Spey valley sits Gordon Castle. A beautiful and historic building making modern headway. Built in the 1770s, the Scottish estate has been owned by Angus and Zara Gordon since 2008. Direct descendants of the Dukes of Gordon, they have been restoring the Castle bringing it into the 21st century and working on some very special projects.

There are increasingly more barriers to upward mobility for talent that we aim to overcome

We initially launched The One and All Foundation in 2008, on the day that Lehman Brother’s fell and as a result, the issue of supporting greater diversity was almost secondary to facing the financial crisis and austerity. However, we do believe that this is now the right time to reboot the charity and our aim is to ensure that all talent is supported regardless of their background, origin or disability.

“Fresh out of the tin”

If Robin Sheppard had followed his gut instinct, he would have gone into the advertising industry. Instead at 15 he stepped into the ballroom of a hotel and despite an extraordinary first night, he stuck with the hospitality industry and today is renowned for his Bespoke Hotels with its cherry on top, Hotel Gotham.