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EP creates and publishes videos for senior players across different industries. Content is aimed to inspire and inform the viewer. To be the first to receive  click one of the videos below or visit the EP Page here and click Subscribe.

EP produces videos for both clients and EP activities and events. Discover just a selection below.

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EP Emerging Leaders Club

A short video to profile the EP Emerging Leaders Club. Developed because we hold a real belief that there is a need for a new approach to support the development of emerging talent and to give a voice to young talent that is beginning to break through. Many of the more traditional structures and processes are not quite working and the desire from many is for a club that is global, informal and offers learning from new sources and other industries.

This videos showcases a wide range of proven experts from other professions such as law, investment wealth, accountancy, consultancy and also top level sporting professionals. Together they all bring a different thought process and approach to help support the thinking of emerging professionals. Watch here:


EP – The Chef Patron Putting Food First

EP presents Food First – a new food service business led by Founder and Chef Patron Mark McCann. A Gold Medalist at the Culinary Olympics, Mark’s business puts food and service at the forefront for both work and play. Mark has been Group Executive Chef for various catering companies, retail restaurants and hotels. Working around the world Mark has vast experience in different cuisines and creates authentic food offers. Meet Mark below:

EP – Bringing Sport and Business Together

Trust and culture has been becoming an increasing problem and sport can offer some valuable lessons from which to learn from but there appears to be a bigger and closer remit to be engaged upon. This video has been created to showcase how can can build trust and culture within teams again.

More and more companies argue that trust is a key issue across all levels as business models become stretched and more is being asked. Leadership and management teams are struggling, and some actions do need to be embraced.

Our view is that culture is crucial to success and a strong culture allows for teams to grow and supports the natural development of leaders within business. Culture is almost more important than training as trust equals greater pride and belief in the business and this equals higher retention, productivity and greater customer service. This should all create greater revenue lines and new leaders emerging that in turn take the pressure off leaders and builds sustainable long-term business.

Therefore, the key focus must be on building trust and culture within teams and this is where sport excels. Our focus has been to create a framework which ensures that companies have a support process or structure that focuses on achieving these goals.Find out more:

EP Social Good – Hospitality can bring people together

In an age of high stress and loneliness, you don’t have to alone… This is a video to argue that the Hospitality industry has the power to make a difference.

We live in an ever more connected world, but there is an increasing silo mentality. We believe that the Hospitality industry has the power to bring people together. For businesses to be at the heart of community and society. There is a need for new leaders, one’s that embrace and care for society. We can all rise to the challenge and choose to be those leaders. This is more important today than ever before because it builds loyalty, true and new business. Our challenge now is to raise the bar and to lead where others have fallen away. Come and be involved:

EP – Introducing apetito

This video showcase was filmed during an EP event where leading caterer apetito served a delicious lunch for a collection of industry players. apetito have developed a new product offer range for the food service and retail markets as the UK faces the challenge of Brexit.

The video outlines this new service level – a viable and attractive option for companies to consider. For all companies Brexit is going to pose some real challenges for staffing and food costs – it is time for everyone to start putting plans in place for the new market that will exist after Brexit. Watch here:

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