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Daily Mash takes satirical look at British politics

New streaming series The British Cabinet is picking up millions of fans who enjoy television that is not afraid to kill characters off.

The deaths of Michael Fallon and Priti Patel on consecutive Wednesday nights has created a real buzz about the UK cabinet, which is available on Netflix in the US.

Wayne Hayes of Madison, Wisconsin, said: “I’m telling all my friends about it. It’s like The Walking Dead but more bloodthirsty.

“There’s all these backstabbing characters on an impossible mission to find something called the Brexit which will apparently heal their ruined world, if it even exists.

“But they’re being attacked from every side, none of them trust each other, the leader’s falling to pieces and there’s a real mounting sense of dread because any of them could die at any moment.

“After last week you were like, shook, because they killed off that Fallon dude, so you thought nothing would happen this week but the tension just built and built and damn, they went there. Minor character but still.

“Can’t wait to see who it is next week. Nobody’s safe.”

Hayes added: “It is a bit ridiculous that Boris is always in the most dangerous situations and gets away unscathed. But, y’know, you have to suspend your disbelief.”
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Priti Patel on flight back to resign

“If I was Priti Patel, I’d be larging it on that flight. Champagne all round. Caviar. Why bother about ministerial code now…”

“According to flight radar, Priti Patel’s career is currently at 39,985 feet and travelling at 465 knots.”

“Priti has now entered Belgian airspace. The Belgians famously went over 500 days without a government. And now we all know how they felt…”

“8,000 feet. Priti Patel’s career is now back in the upright position, and the tray table has been stowed.”

A video of a Jacobean portrait being restored has mesmerised Twitter users.

100 reasons for Brexit
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The new M&S Christmas advert is going viral, but not for the reason they wanted

A burglar tells Paddington:

“Thank you little bear!”

Some people aren’t hearing this, however. They are hearing the burglar say something very rude to a little bear.

“M&S Christmas advert definitely sounds like santa says ‘f**k you little bear’”

“The fact the M&S ad sounds like the burgalar says “F**k you little bear” makes it even better, can’t unhear it!!”

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