Monday 8th April 2019 – What will the leader of the future look like?

At this evening event we are exploring what future leadership looks like and how leaders must prepare now, for what may come next. In collaboration with Marriott International, the event is part of the EP Emerging Leaders Network.

It’s no secret that technology has created a working environment that is quite different from even just ten years ago. Positive advances include the speed of information flow and communication but there is debate on whether modern tech has been a force for good or bad.

In March we celebrate 30 years since the invention of the world wide web but even its inventor has said on this anniversary that the web is on a “downward plunge to a dysfunctional future.” It has been difficult for people to keep up with this speed of change and now we must prepare for a future where not only are we playing catch up but also having to solve some of these inevitable problems that this pace brings.

This makes leadership difficult because things are changing so fast. It has almost become the norm and this does make it difficult. Add in a workforce with increasing high levels of stress and anxiety and it’s a cocktail of disaster before we’ve even startedRegister Interest

What will be needed is for leaders to build trust with their teams and people and to provide effective and visible leadership. It has been argued that the leader of tomorrow must be nimble and agile and prepared to listen as well as to let emerging talent talk and share their thoughts from a different position. There are many different views on what a leader must do now and how they must act to be ready for the future.

At this event we want to bring different industries, leaders and our Emerging Leaders Network together to share thoughts, experiences and insights into the what future leadership really looks like.

Central London

Date and Time:
8th April 2019
6:00pm – 8:00pm

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