EP Publications

As a leading communicator in hospitality, EP has vast experience in publishing. This includes it’s own publications and those on behalf of clients. Ranging from magazines, to books to reports. The aim for these publications is to provide a central reference point on business thinking and opinion in the hospitality industry.

EP helps companies craft great content and works together with them to ensure this is communicated effectively. With a community that has been built over a 15 year period, EP understands what the audience and customer needs and wants to know.

The world is moving at such a fast pace today that print has grown in importance as a response. Tangible, quality materials that possess a wow factor are a valuable sales tool for businesses and a relationship enhancer for clients.

EP’s strength lies in understanding that communicating can be difficult. The challenges can be overcome through an effective strategy and EP can work with you to ensure the level of support and expertise complements your business.

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