EP Services

As an expert in thought leadership EP provides various consultancy services to the Hospitality industry.

The Entrepreneurs Club

The Entrepreneurs Club is an ongoing interaction between over 120 entrepreneurs and potential investors and companies. The aim of the Club is to bring together entrepreneurs, companies and the industry to help growth, and create an ongoing interaction between them. With consistent events a community has been formed which works as one.

EP organises various events for the Club including the Entrepreneurs Pitch (a Dragons-Den style investment event) and an annual Gala Dinner.

EP Consultancy Services

EP offers consultancy services to the Hospitality industry. We have a number of proven experts, who have worked at Board level and who can act as advisors. EP has undertaken a variety of projects with hotels, restaurants and other operations advising them on their hospitality offerings and overseeing the implementation of recommended improvements to their services.

EP Communications

As the leading communicator on business thinking and opinion in the hospitality, EP advises companies on their Communications strategies, including the use of digital and social media to improve brand awareness.